We believe in infographics as an essential tool for communicating concepts, ideas, projects, and products.

It all started with the creation of Vimworks, a studio combining architecture and computer graphics. As Vimworks grew and evolved – and with the insight gained from experience – two different paths emerged: The first path focused on the field of architecture and interior design, through the VIVIM studio. The second focused on the importance of infographics as a key tool to communicate concepts, ideas, projects, and products beyond the strict confines of architecture, giving rise to VEO.

We are a team of creative, passionate, committed professionals.

Rendering, 3D animación, conceptual design, interactivity, and audiovisual services are offered with the goal of conveying the essence of each project.

Barcelona inspires us and keeps us at the forefront of innovation.

Located in Collserola Natural Park overlooking Barcelona, we can see the city and the sea, finding inspiration daily. Barcelona, the city where we trained and evolved as architects, continues to keep us at the forefront of innovation and creativity. A very important part of our work at VEO is to stay abreast of current events. With art, design, and technology at our fingertips, we are uniquely positioned to incorporate the latest developments and trends, putting the most advanced technology at the service of people, their ideas, and their projects.

We work for people, putting the most advanced technology at the service of their ideas and projects.

We are catalysts for creating, seeing, and feeling what has yet to be seen.

Our job is to fully understand, interpret and help convey each project. Our goal is to offer an array of visual solutions that will elevate your project; that’s where our creativity, know-how, and state-of-the-art technology come into play. Staying current is what enables us to stay at the top of our game, regardless of the project or discipline (design, art, interior design, architecture, real estate, advertising, marketing…).

Technological innovation, creativity, architecture, art, and photography form the VEO universe, a creative space where everything is possible.

Our clients

Conveying the essence of each project is key to making a difference. The VEO
universe is a compendium of technological innovation, creativity, architecture, art,
and photography.
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We help create, see and feel any idea or project through images, virtual or audiovisual experiences. We are in Barcelona, the city that inspires us and keeps us at the forefront, and virtually all over the world.

Pl. de Vallvidrera 7 C2
08017 Barcelona
93 631 64 08


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