Creating, feeling and seeing the unseen.

At Visual Experience Office we use creativity and the best visualization tools to serve people and their ideas. To excite and delight. To communicate.


We create vivid images, transporting you to future realities. Using rendering and 3D animation, we help you visualize a space to live or work; an inspiring and exciting environment, or a product before it takes tangible form.


We turn ideas into visibly thrilling projects that are easy to understand. Through creativity, design, and architectural visualization, we help companies and agencies create concepts and presentations to better communicate and sell their ideas.


We build virtual spaces: 3D settings that you can visualize, experience, and interact with firsthand. Through immersive technology, we enable you to feel the future, turning projects into reality in a gamut of disciplines: architecture, real estate, design, art, or fashion.


We tell stories through audiovisual pieces and 3D resources. These visualization tools help brands and companies draw attention to their projects by connecting with their audience’s emotions.
Conveying the essence of each project is key to making a difference. The VEO universe is a compendium of technological innovation, creativity, architecture, art, and photography. Tell us your idea!
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We help create, see and feel any idea or project through images, virtual or audiovisual experiences. We are in Barcelona, the city that inspires us and keeps us at the forefront, and virtually all over the world.

Pl. de Vallvidrera 7 C2
08017 Barcelona
93 631 64 08

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